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FaMa+ AM

FaMa+ AM

Information System FaMa+ AM provides a comprehensive and coordinated management of the entire asset lifecycle. It combines economic-financial, technical and proprietary view of the assets with the aim of achieving greater efficiency, cost savings and transparency in its administration.

FaMa+ AM is designed for public administration organizations.

Solution benefits

Central and current evidence of premises and regional authority buildings.
Overview of regional authority property (the value of the property according to the selected type, the amount of land and its use, the technical equipment owned by the Authority).
Compliance with legal and other standards in the area of ​​real estate management of regional authority.
Information about the processes associated with changes in the location of empolyees within the office.
Overview of operational security features of buildings and office equipment.

Modules / Solution areas

Personnel records module

Functional properties of module Personnel records module:

  • Management of electronic documents associated with a worker.
  • In relation to spatial records and graphic presentation displaying the location of the worker in the drawing documentation.
  • Keeping work records for a worker.
  • Manage external electronic documents.
  • Recording all actions related to the worker (e.g. register equipment which is at the worker’s disposal).
  • Graphic visualization of the query results based on user selection criteria (affinity of workers to organizational units, etc.).
  • Together with other modules (Lendings, Technical records, Requests, Work orders) registration of all events related to the worker ( on equipment which is at the worker’s disposal, on articles borrowed, on passed trainings and instructions, etc.).
  • Registration and management of employees’ personal cards and concluded work contracts (link to personnel, various certificates, education attained and final exams, expert tests and their validity, registry of health checks and their validity, etc.).
  • Monitoring the whole process of the employee’s functioning in the company – entries and exits, changes in the work or wage classification (all with an option to register the date when the change took place).
  • Modification of the employee data – the entire system focuses on easy and unified editing of items.
  • Creation of custom reports, outputs and statistical overviews.

Modules / Solution areas

Mobile application module Stocktaking

Supplementary Stocktaking mobile application for users who are responsible for processes related to assets inventory, especially inventory control in the field.

Loading baseline data from FaMa+

Batches of assets for stocktaking are imported from the system FaMa + into the application. With these batches, the user can operate and make comparisons of physical and registration status in the field.

Overview of assets state

Application allows the user to view all the property at the location, already scanned assets, yet unscanned property or assets being moved to another location.

Finding assets

Through assets registration code it is possible to locate specific assets and view detailed information about it (name of the property, its location, etc.).

Easy implementation of inventory

In the acquisition mode you can record / confirm the property manually (by entering the registration code) or by scanning the barcode of the property.

Separate user accounts

Application allows logging of various specialists in their own user profile.

Other benefits:

Information about inventory and related assets at hand.
Easy implementation of inventory using a barcode.
Clear application graphic design, intuitive operation.
Direct link to the information system FaMa +.
Ability to work with applications in both online and offline mode.


  • Architecture of FaMa+ AM is designed as three tier, when individual levels are mutually integrated into functional whole:

    • presentation layer: MS Silverlight
    • database layer: Oracle or MS SQL Server
    • application layer: MS. NET

Reference projects

  • Regional Authority of the Olomouc Region
  • Regional Authority of the Central Bohemia Region
  • Regional office of the Liberec Region
  • Regional Authority of the Pardubice Region
  • Regional Authority of the Zlin Region
  • Palacky University in Olomouc
  • Municipal Authority of Uherské Hradiště
  • Statutory city Havířov


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tel. +420 587 333 405 


Ing. Michal Tesařík, MBA
tel: +420 724 444 451