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Information System FaMa+ TPIS is a modular solution for complex technical and operational support processes in hospitals and other medical facilities. 

FaMa+ TPIS is supplemented by mobile application Maintenance and Device movement on patient to work directly in the field.

Solution benefits

Information System FaMa+ TPIS is a modular solution for complex technical and operational support processes in hospitals and other medical facilities. Software FaMa+ TPIS provides central management of all hospital´s real estate and movable property and an effective process control of their administration, operation and safety, with an emphasis on cost reduction.

Overview of hospital´s assets (the value of the property according to the selected type, the number of areas and its use, the technical equipment owned by hospitals).
Overview of medical devices (expenses, regular periodic checks, trained operators, power).
Operation and maintenance monitoring in terms of cost (how much is maintenance, operation, where it is possible to save money while maintaining the quality and quantity of medical care).
An overview of any special medical supplies and other materials.
Fast and reliable requirements handling to ensure the management and operation of the hospital, including requirements for materials and supplies.
Overview of Power Consumption (possibilities of savings, outputs and analysis of energy consumption, plan for the financial cost of changed energy prices, compare energy performance of the building before and after reconstruction).
Overview of operational security elements of managed buildings and medical facilities.

Modules / Solution areas

Medical Device management

The module provides health care institution with the tools for the central registration of medical devices in accordance with the current legislation and provides a comprehensive overview of managed MD.


  • Providing the management of medical devices in accordance with applicable laws and other government regulations.  Proof of the implementation of legal obligations with respect to the superior authorities (Health Ministry and other governmental oversight, …).
  • Centralised and up-to-date registry of medical devices (in one data storage, in a single data structure) while using access rights differentiated according to user roles.
  • Improving care for medical devices, limiting the risk of delay and omission of duty.
  • Fast availability of documentation related to the safe use of medical devices (user manuals, other information materials).
  • An overview of medical devices’ value, depreciation, organizational units and persons who operate the medical devices.
  • Support for decision making about the optimization of medical devices on the basis of comprehensive and easily available information.

The module allows:

  • Well-arranged management of technical registry of medical devices in accordance with the law on medical devices and related legislation.
  • Categorization of medical devices according to types, classes, production models; availability registration of the declaration of conformity, instructions manuals, operation book and implementation of instructional training.
  • Recording information on products, suppliers and organisations providing service of medical devices.
  • Registering current assignment of medical devices for use by a clinic, cost center and its association with inventory section or location. Registration of medical device administrator
  • Print of barcode labels with registration data on the medical device.
  • Management of  accessories and minor components of medical devices.
  • Monitoring the warranty period of medical devices using graphical visualization of MD within the warranty period in order to decide about its service and repairs.
  • Keeping an operation book of medical devices with entries on the operational tests, regular inspections, adverse events.
  • Management of external electronic documents related to medical devices (user manual, declaration of conformity, reports on the operator training).
  • Administration of service contracts to medical devices, including the way the service is provided and the terms of payment).
  • Registration of the workers who attended the training for the relevant medical device or medical device of the same type.
  • Tracking medical devices with an increased risk tied to their use in the provision of health care.
  • Management of medical devices in relation to other modules (requests, work orders, external relations) and allows recording all the events related to a medical device (requests, work orders, invoices) and the costs incurred for the management, maintenance and service.
  • Sharing accounting data on medical device through the integration interface to accounting.

Modules / Solution areas

Mobile application module Device movement on patient

Add-on mobile application module Device movement on patient (DMoP) to the FaMa+ TPIS system for monitoring of medical devices used/applied to the patient. The application is of service for all workers of health care organization that need to work with data directly at patient sites (e.g. quick viewing current devices applied to patient, viewing the history of devices applied to patient, assigning a new medical device to patient, etc.).

Functional features:

Independent user accounts

The application allows login of various hospital workers into their customized user profile. Check-in is possible via a barcode of the worker.

Simple patient identification

Information related to the patient can be retrieved by scanning the barcode of the patient (MPI) or manually by entering the patient’s number.

Information about devices

The application is connected with the database of FaMa+ TPIS, therefore it can quickly and easily find and retrieve all the information about devices and other medical technology. One can display EAN, the inventory number, the name and type of the device.

Monitoring of both onetime and long term usage of devices

Within the application, its user can first define and later monitor, whether this is a one-time or long-term use of the device.

Assignment and termination of the device application to the patient

The application allows user easily assign instruments and medical devices to a particular patient or remove and reassign medical devices to another patient. Grouping/filtering equipment. List of medical devices applied to the patient can be grouped/filtered, for example according to the type of instrument.

Information and security reports

The application supports the option to notify the user that the device is already assigned to the patient or assigned to another patient. It can also warn the user that the instrument is no longer operational (e.g. its inspection is past deadline).

Application benefits:

  • Information on medical devices applied to a patient is always at hand.
  • Easy assignment and removal of devices related to the patient (by scanning the device bar code).
  • Native interface to the information system FaMa+ TPIS
  • Well-arranged graphic environment and intuitive user interface.

Mobile application module Maintenance

Add-on mobile application module Maintenance for maintenance staff, who need to work with the data directly in the field (e.g. quick entering of request for repair, drafting of inspection report, viewing details of a request task, operative selecting material to implement task, etc.).

Independent user accounts

The application allows login of various maintenance workers into their customized user profile.

Detailed information about task

The application allows viewing details of an assigned task, including information on the location of the inspected equipment (building, floor, room), detailed task definition, cost center, date and time of task assignment, contracting authority and his/her contact information.

Stock reservation

Through the application one can in a stockroom reserve material needed for the execution of the task. Stockroom then prepares the given type and quantity of material for an issue.

Overview of the assigned inspection tasks

There is an overview of the assigned inspection tasks with a flag dividing the tasks into categories: new, processed, finished or deferred/rejected.

Reporting on the executed task

Through the application it is possible to inform the contracting authority on the implementation of the assigned inspection task. In addition to a detailed report on the executed inspection/check, one can state the effort in hours, the end date of the task and, where appropriate, recommendations for future maintenance activities.

Registration of issued material

Based on the issue slip number, one can display a list of issued material for the execution of the task. It is possible to monitor the list of reserved and actually issued materials.

Other benefits:

Information about the maintenance activities always at hand.
Easy reporting on carried out maintenance/inspection including photo documentation.
Native interface to the information system FaMa+/Korund+.
Well-arranged graphic environment of the application, intuitive user interface.
The option to work with the application in online and offline mode.

Reference projects

  • General University Hospital in Prague
  • Central Military Hospital in Prague
  • University Hospital Ostrava
  • University Hospital Hradec Králové
  • Faculty Hospital Motol
  • University Hospital Bratislava (SK)
  • etc.


Architecture of FaMa+ TPIS is designed as three tier, when individual levels are mutually integrated into functional whole:

  • presentation layer: MS Silverlight
  • database layer: Oracle or MS SQL Server
  • application layer: MS. NET

Mobile application modules Maintenance and Device movement on patient:

  • Compatibility with the mobile operating system Android.
  • Application developed using technology platform HTML5.


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Ing. Michal Tesařík, MBA
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