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Facility management FaMa+ CAFM

Information System FaMa+ CAFM provides comprehensive management and maintenance of buildings and technologies, including the use of graphical data presentation, tenant relations management (contractual relations, regulations rents and services, billing, payments, reminders), repair, reconstruction or related services management.

What you cannot measure,

you cannot manage.

Solution benefits

FaMa+ CAFM information system finds its use in organizations that are aimed at providing short-term and long-term lease of residential and non-residential premises (record of rented apartments, office space, conference rooms, parking lots, etc.).

FaMa+ CAFM is supplementedy by mobile applications Maintenance and Stocktaking to work directly in the field.

Record of leased areas (offices, apartments, parking lots, etc.).
Record of the leased equipment (telephones, antennas, projection equipment, etc.).
Record of the leased Record of leased services (cleaning, security, data services, etc.).(telephones, antennas, projection equipment, etc.).
Clear monitoring of costs incurred for the use of space, equipment or services.
Central and current record of areas and service organization buildings.
Overview of the assets of an organization (the value of the property according to the selected type, the amount of land and its use, the technical equipment owned by the Authority).
Central planning of the operations schedule (checks, examinations, inspections, maintenance work).
Management and control of requirements for the provision of services (purchase of materials, removal, device repair, etc.).
Compliance with legal and other standards in the area of ​​real estate management in the organization.
Information about the processes associated with changes in the location of employees within the organization.
Overview of operational security elements of buildings and facilities of the organization.

Modules / Solution areas

Spatial Records

It is used to fully describe the spatial layout of own or managed real estate assets and to display spatial data in graphic presentation.


  • Centralised and up-to-date registry of sites, buildings  and parcels in one data storage, in a single data structure while using access rights differentiated according to user roles and competences based on selected values (controlled access to data).
  • Centralized management of a wide range of construction and technical parameters (e.g. dimensional, area, operating parameters) to spatial objects with the option to expand their scope without having to program modifications.
  • Registration of external complex construction-technical documentation and other documents related to real estate.
  • Documenting execution of the various activities over area in the Operation book.
  • The uniform methodology and rules for collecting technical information on spatial objects and for continuous updates of spatial records
  • Overview of vacant/used areas.
  • A direct transition from the registered spatial units to the graphical view.
  • Unique identification of objects (equipment, staff) placed on the areas including their spatial context, in the form of easy-to-view graphical outputs.

The module allows:

Spatial records

  • Automatic saving of changed values in technical records to the history including timestamps.
  • An option to specify during the definition of a technical record an enumeration of allowed values, which the figure may have. These enumerations can be populated without the need for the implementation of programming modifications.
  • The user settings of rules for associating technical records with the types of spatial objects (for example one set of technical information for a building, another one for a room).
  • Unique coding for each site, building, floor, room, parcel.
  • The option to display individual subordinated records broken down in the hierarchy of e.g. Campus, Building, Floor, Room.
  • Display and work with records under registry of areas, information about their links with the graphic presentation of data.

Graphic data presentation

  • Display (of vector, raster and hybrid data), administration and modification of drawing documentation.
  • Two-way interactive communication between the graphic objects in the browser and relevant descriptive data associated with these objects in the connected modules (movement from the object’s descriptive card to the drawing and back).
  • Display of user-defined symbolic pictograms (icons) in the graphic plan, representing equipment (device) of the area.
  • Graphic visualization of the results for the query are defined based on user selection criteria (area types, affinity to organizational units, etc.).
  • Support of color visualization for viewing/searching areas in the drawing documentation according to user-defined selection criteria (area kind, affinity to organizational units, etc.).
  • Printing drawings in the regime „cutout“ or „whole drawing“.

Mobile applications for facility management



The FaMa+ Facility Management includes a mobile application for reliable and fast identification of assets and its field inventory with the option of electronic identification of barcodes and QR codes including RFID tags.


Asset register

Identification of assets by entering a unique number, scanning the barcode, or reading the RFID tag of the asset directly in the field.


User accounts

Each user has only his or her agenda incl. assigned tasks displayed in the application.


Up-to-date information

Maja provides up-to-date online views of inventory status as well as detailed information about each item.


Comprehensive overview

Data from the application is regularly synchronized on both sides with the central system.


Easy searching

Intuitive searching for assets by inventory numbers, codes, brands of type of asset.


Off-line mode

Convenient use of the application even outside the signal and automatic data synchronization.



It is used for entry, implementation and evaluation of maintenance and repair requests by field technicians and effective remote management of work from anywhere.


Request entry

Fast and comfortable directly in the field using voice commands or QR code.


Overviews of tasks

For a given day and worker, implementation states, monitoring of selected KPIs.


Passport reports

Passport and hierarchy of areas and equipment to the extent necessary for maintenance.


Request implementation

According to defined procedures, including time records, resources and subtasks.


Offline and voice mode

For convenient use of the application even in places without signal, even by voice.


Messages and notifications

Reporting new tasks, request statuses, and more important information.



Clear planning of events or recording tasks in one place.


User accounts

To view only those tasks that the technician is to implement.


Energy management

Information system supporting prediction, monitoring and evaluation of consumption costs for all energy kinds with the goal to efficiently manage energy resources and gain cost savings.

Management of public assets

Information systems tailored to fit the needs of public institutions in comprehensive management of the entire life cycle of assets with the aim of achieving greater efficiency, cost savings and transparency in its management.

Hospital operations

Modular solutions to ensure comprehensive management of technical and operational support processes in hospitals and other healthcare intitutions.

IT service management

Robust yet modular solution for managing any IT service.

Process and data integration

Solutions for internal and external data and process integration of standalone information systems.

Financial and acounting agendas

Information system for administering finance and accounting within the organization.

Reference projects

  • Regional Centre Olomouc
  • TV Facility
  • PSN – Prague Real Estates


Architecture of FaMa+ CAFM is designed as three tier, when individual levels are mutually integrated into functional whole:

  • presentation layer: MS Silverlight
  • database layer: Oracle or MS SQL Server
  • application layer: MS. NET

Business contact

Ing. Michal Tesařík, MBA
tel: +420 724 444 451


tř. Kosmonautů 1288/1, Olomouc
tel. 587333405 


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